Meet Josh Warburton

Get to know the man behind the message, his life, what he stands for, and his plans for Washington County!

"You must be the change you wish to see in the world."
- Mahatma Gandhi

 Josh Warburton was born at home in Boonville, CA, July 9, 1976. Already two weeks past his due date, his father picked up his Gibson 12 string and strummed it gently on his mother’s belly. Josh soon arrived into this world amid music and good vibrations. After spending his early years in the hills of Northern California, Josh and his family relocated to sunny Washington County in the summer of 1980. His father, renown blues guitarist Jesse Warburton - known to audiences as Brother Music, formed a family band in the mid 1980’s, with his children, Josh, older sister Aura and younger brother Ben, and they were all known for doing karate in the St. George, Worthen park. It was during these formative years that Josh learned good work ethic, appreciation for everything you have and a desire to better oneself. 

Education & Work Experience


Josh received two years of private school before entering the public school system in St. George at West Elementary. He continued through our Washington County School District system, attending Woodward and Dixie Middle School, where he participated in the "Gifted and Talented" program before moving onto Dixie High School, obtaining his GED before his class graduated. He continued his education at Dixie State before deciding it best to focus on providing for his family though his company, The Independent, which he started at 19 years old and still runs to this day. 

The Independent is well-known in the southern Utah area as THE alternative voice, and he best describes it as "a clearinghouse of ideas", allowing hundreds, likely thousands of citizens to voice their own opinions.

Political Experience


Josh registered as an unaffiliated the year he turned 18, and has stayed that way ever since. He believes the two-party system is both corrupt and has put a stranglehold on the political process, giving unfair advantage to party candidates election after election.

Josh ran for St. George city council in 1999, at just 22 years old. He received over 600 votes in a non-presidential year primary, and barely missed the cutoff to have been in the general election. Subsequently, Josh has stayed tuned in through every election cycle, and has voted in each one. 

In 2012, Josh joined Brent Holloway's campaign for the newly created District 62 and garnered state-level attention for the strong campaign for Brent. The following year Josh managed Tara Dunn's campaign for St. George City Council. Moving her passed her 4th place finish in the primary to a strong 3rd place in the general, coming short for the seat by a mere 506 votes. 

This year Josh jumped into the Commissioner race after hearing that only one party planned to run candidates, thereby giving their nominee the election in a "no contest" fashion. Not only does Josh feel this situation is undemocratic, he believes it is downright un-American. He also believes our citizens deserve better leaders and despite living a peaceful life in beautiful Zion Canyon, he has committed himself to protecting all our resources, and is willing to sacrifice that serene life to fight for the betterment of Washington County and all its citizens.

Personal Life

Josh married his high school sweetheart, Amanda May, just out of high school and had his daughter Sky shortly after. They divorced after four years and Josh has been single since, staying in St. George area to help raise Sky, and run The Independent. Sky recently relocated to northern Utah.

Josh is involved intimately in his community of Springdale and the greater Zion Canyon area, including being a charter member of Rotary Club of Zion Canyon. He's also a member of Zion Canyon Visitors Bureau and a long time member of St. George Area Chamber of Commerce.